OJ Wheels Team Rider Roues 57mm 95A White Multi

Distributeur OJ Wheels

OJ Wheels new 57mm Team Rider 95a are newly engineered based on the original shape from the 80s and feature new artwork by Live Rad @liveradstudios based on original art by Jim Phillips.

Team Riders have a super wide riding surface for fast consistent slides with hard edge andclassic, inner conical shape for lock-ins.

Team Rider 95a is a true, high performance urethane offering a more forgiving durometer for rough terrain with easy, consistent power slides and bark you normally only get with a harder urethane.

  • Wheel Diameter (Millimeters) : 57
  • Wheel Durometer/Hardness : 95a
  • Road Surface (Millimeters) : 29
  • Wheel Width (Millimeters) : 37